Round Glass Platform Bathroom Scale
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Bodyfat and Bodywater

This bathroom scale features advanced digital weighing technology that provides a high tech analysis of the fitness level of the user. The scale measures percentage of body fat, body water and weight for up to ten individual users. The scale has a large capacity of 440 lbs. or 200 kilograms.


  • Accurately measures in 0.2 lb. or 0.1 kilogram increments using high precision strain gauge sensors
  • Scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) based on a person’s height and weight
  • Easy to read bright display 
  • User mode for male or female
  • 3 button easy operation
  • High quality impact resistant tempered glass platform


This scale is recommended by Consumer Reports, Rated Excellent!

  • Item #: Round Glass Platform

Round Glass Platform Bathroom Scale

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